TOP 4 Washington State

Opportunity to Purchase for Manufactured Home communities - passed!!!! in WA State

In 2022, after years of organizing, Opportunity to Purchase supporting residents of Manufactured Home Communities, passed! SB 5198 gives notice of sale to community members, and to qualified affordable housing organizations, allowing them 70 days to put together an offer to purchase and preserve their communities as permanently affordable.  

ROC USa, and the Northwest Co-op Deveopment center

ROC Northwest, a program of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center NWCDC

It's time to pass a t.o.P. law to preserve multifamily apartments as Permantly affordable!

The need for increased permanently affordable housing is growing.  We need to aggressively pursue all forms of it, and it is time to pass a TOP law at the state level that allows tenants and affordable housing organizations a fair opportunity to purchase apartment buildings as permanently affordable housing stock.  Washington DC has a model law, that has been doing such work for over 40 years.  Read more about DC's TOPA program HERE.